Plates and under plates moulded and engraved by hand.
Centre of Contemporary Art “Le kiosque” Mayenne, France.

"(...) Jean Charles Frémont likes to draw patterns and always more patterns, be it by using his hand or an IPad pen.
Resident at the Atelier, he was able to ignored those habits and skills, taking up the cause of the figure of the motif,
but on plates. Plates, not painted, but engraved directly on the freshly moulded clay.
The point is dry, the drawing is only profusion, as the jungle spreads in the circular limits
and becomes a goldsmith's medallion. Jean Charles Frémont switches, in a turn of hand, his graphic practice.
He engraves, his drawing is chiselled like a precious engraving (...).”

Text from the exhibition catalogue - Mathias Courtet, Curator