Wooden sculpture.
1/1 size.

Jean Gabriel Franchini and myself, Jean Charles Frémont, together worked on a series of structures called 1/1.
The name that brings them together, despite the fact that they are not considered conceptually as a series,
refers to their size: these structures take the forms of motorized objects to real scale.

1/1 is the assumed claim of uniqueness of these pieces, each original work, conceived in a single copy, and doomed to disappear;
like a motorcycle that could last all our life, "1/1".

Our approach is simple: make, assemble and build, great toys.
We like to tinker, we like to draw.
And more than anything, we like to return to a well-known playground,
that of childhood and its unconscious pushing of the limits of fun.

It is as important for us to share with an audience the result, as the process itself.
The temporality, of the construction or the destruction of our structures, holds an important place in our work.

The first 1/1 piece was intentionally burned once it was finished, for lack of space, but also for freedom.
The idea is not to lock our pieces up in a museum, or to leave them as they are.
The process is an integral part of the installation, and creates its history.